"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as it's ultimate goal, the betterment of humanity."  Nikola Tesla 1919

A Call for Awakening

Mission: World Awakening with Meditation
World Vision Meditation is dedicated to assisting humanity in the process of awakening, 
allowing each person's spiritual journey to unfold, so they can bless the world with their unique gifts.  
As each person realizes their true path, with grace and love for all sentient beings, 
the world becomes more harmonious, synchronized, and whole.  
I hope you will join me in fulfilling your role in this world of peace.

What makes World Vision Meditation so Effective?   
World Vision Meditation utilizes Awakened Mind brainwave research 
 to create pioneering programs in the field of meditation with a global focus on a world of peace.  
All workshops are facilitated by an Awakened Mind Practitioner certified through The Institute for the Awakened Mind
"an international consortium of professionals and individuals dedicated to EEG awakened mind meditation 
as a means to personal and planetary transformation."   

What is the Awakened Mind?
The Awakened Mind is a discernible brainwave pattern discovered by Maxwell Cade, 
a government physicist and Zen meditation master who co-invented the EEG device known as the Mind Mirror.  
According to Cade, our task "is to learn to free ourselves form the cultural trance, 
the daydream of illusion, and with an Awakened Mind, live life today."
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In Lak'ech Ala K'in
(I am another you, you are another me)