Dawn Bragg has been living in Alaska for over twenty years.  As soon as she stepped foot in the Alaskan wilderness, she knew she was home.  She has worked as a naturalist throughout the state in a variety of National Parks, State Parks, National Forests and Nature Centers, sharing the wonders of the natural world with those interested in the vibrant landscape and the creatures who reside there.  Her background in psychology has allowed her to fuse her formal education with the natural world, allowing her to trace back her ancient roots as an environmental psychologist in the classic sense, where the macrocosm and microcosm blend into a holographic fractal.  Her passion for photography and travel have inspired her holistic viewpoint and she dreams of a world where humanity can live together in peace without the separation provoked by dotted map lines.  Back at home, she enjoys a life of solitude, living in a 10x16 foot cabin in the woods with a million acre wildlife refuge as her backyard.  One step at a time, she is bringing her experience back to the world with the creation of World Vision Meditation.  Equipped with an Awakened Mind Practitioner Certification, she has now been able to view environmental psychology from the EEG viewpoint of brainwaves and is eager to share her scientific discoveries which prove the connected nature of all life, blending science and spirituality in the simplest form of concrete evidence to date.  Assured of the validity and effectiveness of meditation, Dawn is forging ahead with Synergetic Systems of Peace, utilizing meditation and the insights received to create systems that can transform our world as we shift into a new age of peace and enlightenment. 

 Contact: worldvisionmeditation@protonmail.com


                                                                                            In Lak'ech Ala K'in