Dawn Bragg has been living in Alaska for over 20 years.  As soon as she stepped foot in the Alaskan wilderness, she knew she was home.  She has worked as a naturalist throughout the state in a variety of National Parks, State Parks, National Forests and Nature Centers, sharing the wonders of the natural world with those interested in the vibrant landscape and the creatures who reside there.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Spanish and has worked as a professional photographer, a Biological Science Technician and has enjoyed a life of solitude surrounded by the beauty of nature.  She is now bringing her experience back to the world with World Vision Meditation.  Equipped with an Awakened Mind Practitioner Certification, she hopes to bridge the worlds of science and spirituality by using meditations based on decades of brainwave research. She is eager to create a beautiful new world of peace and enlightenment with all who share this collective dream.   

 Contact Dawn at worldvisionmeditation@openmailbox.org


            In Lak'ech Ala K'in