Let's Co-Create a Peaceful New World 

"Nature's coordinate system is called Synergetics-synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by any part of the system as considered only separately. The eternally regenerative Universe is synergetic. Humans have been included in this cosmic design as local Universe information-gatherers and local problem-solvers in support of the integrity of the eternal, 100-percent-efficient, self-regenerative system of Universe. "
Buckminster Fuller

Synergetic Systems of Peace Workshop
We need to upgrade all our societal systems (government, finance, health, energy, etc) to the new frequencies on planet earth.  These new frequencies are ushering in a time of peace where humanity can work together, in a synergetic fashion, to out create the old paradigms. This workshop will focus on honing our vision for synergetic systems of peace.  There will be discussion designed to spark creative fire and guided meditation designed to promote inner vision for the Fifth World of Peace.  We are co-creative beings with limitless potential and when we unify, we are an unstoppable force of change in the world.   Let's join together and get inspired from within to create without barriers, as we usher in a new world of peace and prosperity for all.  

"And if we will only make the right choice, we will be able to transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of peace. If we will make the right choice, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our world into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood."  Martin Luther King, Jr

Online Event June 21, 2018 5:55pm-8:55pm UTC  

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