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Awakened Mind Introductory Workshop 

Learning to still the mind and calm the body is the first step in achieving an Awakened Mind.  This workshop will incorporate novel visualization and focusing techniques to tame the chattering mind.  Participants will be given a feedback tool to gauge their state of relaxation and will incorporate landmarks to allow for an easier return to meditative states.  Participants will learn to access the heart bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind and will participate in an Animal Sensory meditation which can offer insight into one's essential being.  Hemispheric balancing will be discussed and various scales will be used to correlate experiences with brainwave categories.  Powerful guided meditations, based on decades of biofeedback consciousness research, will be used throughout the workshop and will be facilitated by a Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner. We will record our experiences through journaling and will promote an atmosphere of unity through sharing our journeys.

Cost $111.22

Please Note: Bring Your Own Lunch for 1/2 hour Lunch Break


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Individual Meditation Session

Once the preliminary workshop is completed, individual sessions can be done, in 45 minute sessions as desired, beginning with two separate sessions in the following order.     

House of Doors Theta Meditation  
Transformational Awakened Mind Meditation

After this sequence, a variety of guided meditations, and individual meditation coaching, can be done to further assist with finding your inner guidance and discovering your life path.   

Awakened Mind Meditation for Creativity 
Time Travel/Past Life Meditation 
Healing Garden Theta Meditation 
Sensory Development 
Relaxation Meditation 
Beingness Meditation 
Expansion of Consciousness 
And Many More...

Cost $75

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The Key to Happiness:  Shift Your Perspective and Change the World

(In Development)

Science and Spirituality:  Light, Perception and Reality

This workshop will weave together the latest scientific knowledge with meditation to assist with self discovery, world knowledge and individual awakening.

(In Development)

Participants will be notified 48 hours prior if there is a workshop cancellation.