Unity and her eighteen year old nephew embark on a 2,000 mile journey, traversing vast ancient lands, filled with wild creatures, where mystical encounters ultimately reveal the true nature of reality.  The surreal correlation between events and intention leads Unity on a quest to uncover the correlations between scientific knowledge and the wisdom of sacred texts, prophets and sages.  Equipped with an Awakened Mind Practitioner Certification, Unity consults her EEG brainwave patterns of consciousness to reveal the mechanism that connects us in a unified field of consciousness.  Unity’s unique writing style, fused with magical realism, will captivate the reader throughout the voyage, while her expertise in consciousness, meditation and scientific disciplines, like heliophysics and antenna design, will lead the reader into a spiraling realm of holographic fractals that is infinite in its layers.  Unity will reveal universal truths, hidden by ancient masters, so that humanity can awaken to the transformation of man destined for the present age.